About Us

EvapeLiquid was founded by the first and longest running vape shop chain in Canada. As vendors, and more importantly consumers, we appreciate and demand only the highest quality e-liquid available. With the majority of e-liquid now marketed as “premium” we realized that there was no real standard separating normal or value e-liquid from the more expensive premium lines. While many great e-liquids available taste fantastic, and some even have regular lab testing done, we believe true premium e-liquid should go much further.


We were very selective with our choice of production facility.  We chose Dvine Laboratories because they are at the forefront of both ISO 9001 level e-liquid production, and ISO level testing.

Our e-liquids are tested frequently at a batch level.  Inconsistencies can be identified and corrected before distribution.  We do not rely on Dvine as our only testing source.  Experienced staff, state of the art equipment, and full qualifications are our 'First' line of defence.


If you would like to try some or sample our flavours, please contact us.